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The charts show NAV Coin (NAV) Development / GitHub commit activity for the past year, as well as their simple moving average. You can use this data for your fundamental NAV Coin research & analysis. Please note: for projects using multiple repositories, we're tracking the primary or the most active one.

Profile Profile Settings Account … 21/08/2020 Crypto; Nav Coin; Exchanges; NAV. NAV Coin. $ 0.386750. 8.46% Last 24h. ฿ 0.00000815 (6.13%) Ξ 0.000262 (9.98%) $ 0.386750 8.46%. Alternative. Add to Watchlist.

Nav coin krypto

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NAVCoin (NAV) – Score: 2.5. NAVCoin was launched in 2014 to add privacy to digital currency transactions. Through its dual  Try these curated collections. Vector color version logos of cryptocurrency coins ICOs and tokens.

Nav Coin (NAV) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that’s based on Bitcoin Core. Its blockchain benefits from a number of features that have been introduced to the Bitcoin network such as SegWit and the Nav Coin wallet is designed for its ease of use.

Read people's opinions, reviews, and ratings. You may also voice your own opinion. 05/03/2021 Net asset value (NAV) represents a fund's per share market value. Net asset value (NAV) is significant only for open-end mutual funds.

Value on 2017-11-3: 0.857143$ Current value: 0.000000$ Current gain since 2017-11-3: -100.00% Highest value since 2017-11-3: 4.72$ Highest gain since 2017-11-3: +450.79% was measured at: 2018-01-13

$ 450,527 (22.84%) Exchanges. 8. Pairs.

Nav coin krypto

Certain exchange pairs are temporarily unavailable. 19, Coin (CRO)  During the starting phase of 2018, Litecoin was one of the most trending and moving coins in the market. Zcash has been one of the few coins in the crypto market  We invest at all stages, from early stage projects to fully developed later-stage networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. We'll invest in traditional financial instruments  Jan 22, 2021 Reddcoin chart. NAVCoin (NAV) – Score: 2.5.

Add @cryptocalapp_bot. What is NAV Coin (NAV) NavCoin is a decentralized peer to peer currency used as a store of value and as a medium of exchange. There are no middlemen or banks involved. Unlike Bitcoin, Nav transactions get confirmed in 30 seconds.

NAV Coin's current circulating supply is 70,932,116. NavTech is an optional, private “send” for the Nav Coin cryptocurrency (NAV) that we use to send transactions that are both encrypted and obfuscated. There’s a transaction cost of 0.5% NAV to use NavTech to send Nav Coin. Normally, transactions cost 0.0001 NAV (equivalent to approximately $0.00004 USD). Here’s how it works step-by-step The charts show NAV Coin (NAV) Development / GitHub commit activity for the past year, as well as their simple moving average. You can use this data for your fundamental NAV Coin research & analysis.

Nav coin krypto

LOL! I Ho Secure your crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Monero and more. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing that your cryptocurrencies are safe. Toggle navigation. Coin ranking; Highlights; News; Newsletter; API; Add event; Trade NPXS on × Upbit Binance Digifinex VCC Exchange Bithumb LATOKEN Huobi Global ProBit Uniswap (v2) BKEX CoinEx Bitrue. Pundi X (NPXS) Price.

NAV Coin is currently worth $ 0.17 per coin. Crypto Delver. Home (current) News; Nav Coin is a cryptocurrency designed to be anonymous and simple to use. Although based on Bitcoin the Nav Coin has several key changes over its grandfather Bitcoin. The first is Nav Coin’s use of a subchain known as Navtech, this chain is responsible for anonymization and mixing of transactions.

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NAV can be purchased or traded on exchanges, and then swapped to xNAV at a 1 to 1 rate. Nav coin is also one of the first “privacy coins” in the crypto world and one of the only ones giving its users the option of whether they want to keep their transactions anonymous or not. In this world of over-sharing where there is an immense need for privacy, especially in things related to money, Nav coin’s great dual blockchain See the value of NAV Coin in USD and other popular fiat and cryptocurrencies. Earn More on Crypto! Up to 4% interest, tight spreads, and an easy integration. Subscribe to receive a weekly selection of 3 coins to watch closely, based on upcoming events and technical analysis.

Nav Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the latest version of Bitcoin Core. On top of a solid foundation, Nav Coin supports SegWit functionality, and easy to use wallets which are packed with advanced privacy features.

Winners; Losers; NAV/CAD. NAV/AED; NAV/AUD; NAV/BRL; NAV/CAD; NAV/CHF; NAV/CNY; NAV/EUR; NAV/GBP; NAV/INR; NAV/IRR; NAV/ISK; NAV/JPY; … 03/12/2017 Updating the Winners and Losers in the World of Crypto Currency.

NAV. Real Leverage.